Meet the Silencer
Sep 2014 18

The Silencer is a “new” offering from the guys over at Propeller Dynamics. It doesn’t matter if you run a Motor Guide or Minn Kota your gonna want to give the Silencer a try. The Silencer greatly dampens mount noise by preventing certain parts of the mount from touching/rubbing each other. Get yours at [..]

Finessing Big Water Smallmouth
Sep 2014 18

The term ‘big water’ gets used a lot by bass anglers that do their best to find and catch Smallmouth while bobbing atop 21-feet of fiberglass as they float across what looks more like the ocean than a lake.

The always hilarious 2004 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle, did his best to give those that have never been to Lake Michigan’s Bays de Noc an understanding of how big this water really is. “It’s so big at times that the waves inside my Triton’s livewell will be 2-feet tall.” [..]

Weather or Not, McClelland is Big Water Ready
Sep 2014 18

Mike McClelland may call Northwest Arkansas home but he’s been to the ocean-like, Smallmouth rich waters of America’s Great Lakes many times before.

So on the eve of Day One at the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year tournament on Lake Michigan’s Bays de Noc he stood in the peaceful parking lot of the quaint cabin he and wife Stacy are staying in this week, listening to the wind whip across Lake Michigan less than 50-yards away, making double dog sure he had all the necessary equipment to take on this unusually rough patch of water in the days ahead. [..]

Cliff Notes from Bays de Noc
Sep 2014 17

preseted by Biobor EB
In this edition of Cliff Notes the Cajun Baby talks about “de Noc’s”, smallmouth bass and the weather. With a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning Cliff’s first stop is going to be Walmart to pick up some more clothes. (after the pre tournament meeting) [..]

Lester from The Great Lakes
Sep 2014 17

Brandon Lester shares his pre game thoughts on the last event of 2014 Bassmaster Elite season. Lester has a lot on the line and it sounds like some big smallmouth bass are in his future. [..]

Bassmaster Classic-Qualified McClelland Focused on a Stellar Finish to His Season
Sep 2014 17

ESCANABA, Mich. (Sept. 17) — With a Bassmaster Elite Series win during the 2014 season, Pro angler Mike McClelland will be on a mission when he competes at the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship on Bays de Noc, Sept. 18-21, in Escanaba.

“Well I’m already qualified for the Bassmaster Classic because of my win at Table Rock Lake this year,” McClelland said. “So regardless of how I finish this week I know I’m still going to the Classic. My goal and main focus is that I want to for sure be what is considered a double qualifier. To do that, I need to remain above the top-35 mark, but that could change based on the number of double qualifiers. [..]

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