New Products from Reins
Jul 2014 10

Reins Fishing, manufacturer of the premier tungsten weights on the market as well as innovative and highly versatile soft plastics, will introduce at the 2014 ICAST show a tungsten football head weight unlike any other available, as well as two compact flipping baits that are sure to end up in every tournament angler’s arsenal. Additionally, there will be new sizes of two of the company’s distinctive swimbaits, [..]

Redefine Trolling Motor Efficiency
Jul 2014 10

Robbie Patterson is a veteran of high performance boat set ups and custom prop work, so when he began working on electric trolling motors a few years ago, he was astounded by how many problems confronted the devices upon which bass anglers depend most heavily throughout the day. [..]

The 3rd Generation of Evoluzion
Jul 2014 09

These 3rd-Generation EVOLUZION rods feature a redesigned C40 hybrid titanium blank that blends ultra-premium low-resin carbon material and titanium fibers for a uniquely crisp, sensitive, and powerful experience. Finished off with Torzite guides and the custom tooling, design, and finish that Megabass is known for, the EVOLUZION series stands as Megabass’ new flagship performance series. [..]

New Colors of the DT
Jul 2014 09

MINNETONKA, Minn. (June 23, 2014) — From the tattoo parlor to the bait shop, the Rapala® DT® series is ready to roll up a sleeve and show off four fresh, new Ike’s Custom Ink colors — Girlfriend, Rasta, Mule and Bruise.

Designed personally by Michael “Ike” Iaconelli, the Ike’s Custom Ink colors are some of Ike’s secrets, he says “using something different, something unique, to catch more fish.” [..]

How to Choose Sunglasses
Jul 2014 09

Fish relate to changes under the water – grass lines, rocks, depth changes, wood, or floating mats of debris, and your ability to see these subtle changes can determine whether you come in with 5 to weigh in, or an empty live well. One of the most important aspects of successful fishing is maximizing what you, the angler, can see under the water while standing on the deck of your boat. For this reason, polarized sunglasses are a must. [..]

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