LC 1.5DRS / Brent Ehrler
Apr 2014 09

Lucky Craft USA Pro Brent Ehrler explains how to fish the LC 1.5DRS. Deep Rattle Sound or DRS refers to a single knocker internal rattle. Using a single knocker in the bait makes a “click-click-click” sound instead of the “sh-sh-sh” sound made by BB style rattles. More and more professional anglers are turning to the single rattle style baits. [..]

Real Underwater Footage
Apr 2014 09

This should get your blood pumping,*caution* you may have to call in sick tomorrow after watching this one.
Chris Zaldain films underwater footage of Strike King Titanium Umbrella Rig on Megabass Destroyer Black Jungle Rod and Seaguar Fluorocarbon. [..]

Morgenthaler’s Tour Journal
Apr 2014 09

With a strong start to the Elite Series season at Seminole and the St. Johns, I headed into our tournament at Table Rock feeling good about my chances. I’ve fished there quite a bit at this time of year and I’m pretty good at both the jerkbait and Wiggle Wart bites that tend to dominate, but I’m also comfortable switching up my tactics as needed. The lake is very productive right now and I knew that the key would be not just catching fish, but finding a way to add a kicker or two each day, adjusting as the weather changed. [..]

Lowen’s Lure Selection
Apr 2014 08

Bill Lowen shares the baits he used this past week at the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Table Rock.

Get all of Lowen’s tackle here. [..]

LEER Tournament Cash Bonuses Now Available to Truck Cap Owners
Apr 2014 08

Truck caps and tonneau covers are essential to providing dry and secure storage for all the valuable equipment serious anglers carry. And now LEER®, manufacturers of quality truck caps and tonneau covers for 43 years, is launching a cash bonus program called “Cover Cash” for tournament bass anglers.

Becoming eligible for the Cover Cash program is simple.  Purchase or own a LEER Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover for your primary tow vehicle, sign-up for the free Cover Cash program at, be the highest finishing participant in any of the over 300 approved tournaments and you’ll win the cash. [..]

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