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America’s Premier Bass Fishing Instructional

2-Day Classroom Seminar Program

September 23, 2010;

We are very excited about our speaker list this year.  Most of our speakers from last year will be returning this year and we have some great new additions. One of the things we really wanted to do this year was to bring some of the sports all time greats.  We feel very fortunate to have the likes of Larry Nixon, Shaw Grigsby, David Fritts and Peter T.  These veterans are guys with 20+ years of top shelf tournament experience that continue to win tournaments today at the highest level.  In addition, we have the young guns like Brent Erhler, Crews and of course IKE.  Add to that the great personalities of Swindle and Zona and the exceptional expertise and tournament credentials of all of our other speakers and we think each of these rosters offer something to help every angler to move his game to the next level.   Never Stop Learning!

1. Kissimmee – November 6 and 7

Pete Gluszek(Nov. 6&7) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Soft Plastic Stick Baits

Mike Iaconelli(Nov. 6&7) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Speed Worming Technique

Scott Martin – (Nov. 6) Swimbaits and Crankbaits in Grass

Ish Monroe – (Nov. 7) All About Frog Fishing and Punching Mats

Peter T (Nov. 6) – Carolina Rig Secrets and Successful Fluke Fishing

Bret Hite – (Nov. 7) Chatterbait techniques and drop shotting

2. Chicago – December 4 and 5

Pete Gluszek (Dec.5) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Understanding Smallmouth Movements

Mike Iaconelli (Dec. 4th only) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Football Head Jig Fishing

Brent Ehrler (Dec. 5) –  Advanced Drop shotting and the Flick Shake Technique

Mark Zona (Dec. 5th) – Tube jig techniques and Great lake Smallmouth Secrets

Byron Velvick – (Dec 4th) – Swimbait Basics and Advanced Swimbait Techniques

Greg Hackney – (Dec. 4th) – Advanced Jig Fishing and Shallow Cranking

3. Nashville – December 11 and 12

Pete Gluszek (Dec. 11&12) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Creature Bait Techniques

Mike Iaconelli (Dec. 11&12) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Tube Jig Fishing

Byron Velvick (Dec.11) – Swimbaits Basics and Advanced Swimbait Techniques

Ish Monroe (Dec. 12) – All about Frog Fishing and Punching Mats

David Fritts –  (Dec 12th) Shallow and Mid Depth Crankin and All About Deep Diving Crankbaits

6th Speaker TBD.

4. Shreveport – January 8 and 9

Pete Gluszek (Jan. 8&9) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Creature Bait Techniques

Mike Iaconelli (Jan. 8&9) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Shallow Water Cranking

Greg Hackney (Jan. 9) – Catching Suspended bass and Jig fishing 101

Larry Nixon – (Jan. 9) – Worm Fishing Tricks and Spoon Fed Bass

Randy Howell – (Jan 8) Topwater Magic and Lipless Vibration Baits

Kevin Short  - (Jan. 8) Shallow Water Cranking and Buzzbait Strategies

5. Boston January 15 and 16

Pete Gluszek (Jan. 15&16) – Spinnerbait Secrets and Understanding Smallmouth Seasonal Movements

Mike Iaconelli (Jan. 15&16) – Finding Bass on New Bodies of Water and Football Head Jig Fishing

Gerald Swindle (Jan. 15) – Jerkbait tactics and Lipless Vibration Baits

John Crews (Jan. 16) –  Shallow Cranking and Deep Cranking

Dave Wolack (Jan. 15) – How to read grass and successful grass techniques for largemouth

Shaw Grigsby (Jan. 16) – Sight Fishing Basics and Topwater Tactics

Student registration is now being accepted for ‘The Bass University’, by logging onto <> . For group discounts and additional information, please call 1.856.521.0046 or email

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